Doug Woos

A picture of me

I’m a computer scientist. Most recently I was a Lecturer in Computer Science at Brown University. I teach introductory courses as well as courses in systems and programming languages (broadly defined). My research focuses on applying techniques from programming languages to systems problems; in particular, I have done a lot of work on verifying and debugging distributed systems.

I got my PhD at the University of Washington, where I was advised by Tom Anderson, Mike Ernst, and Zach Tatlock. Before that, I worked at GameChanger, a pretty cool company in Manhattan. I graduated from Swarthmore College in 2011, where I worked with Tia Newhall. More information of this type can be found on my CV.

Outside of work, my interests include philosophy, science fiction, astronomy, baseball (specifically the Cleveland Guardians), and the banjo.

My work at UW was very generously supported by a Faithful Steward Fellowship and an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.



I worked with some awesome undergrads at UW: