Doug Woos

A picture of me

I’m a PhD student in Computer Science at the University of Washington, where I am advised by Tom Anderson, Mike Ernst, and Zach Tatlock. My research interests are (sometimes inconveniently) broad, but generally lie in the areas of systems, networks, and programming languages. My other interests include philosophy, science fiction, astronomy, and baseball (specifically the Cleveland MLB team). Before coming to UW, I worked at GameChanger, a pretty cool company in Manhattan. I graduated from Swarthmore College in 2011. More information of this type can be found on my CV.

My work at UW has been very generously supported by a Faithful Steward Fellowship and an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.

I’m always interested in meeting with motivated undergrads who think my work sounds cool and want to get involved. More generally, I’m happy to hear from anyone with questions about my research. To make it easier to arrange meetings, here’s my calendar.


I’ve worked with some awesome undergrads at UW:




After publishing my first paper, I decided to publish under the name “Doug” rather than “Douglas”—no one calls me Douglas in real life, so it seemed silly to stand on ceremony when publishing. Hopefully this does not lead to confusion; there is only one CS researcher named Doug(las) Woos, and I am him.